Day 361 of 365: Four…

Day 358 – 30 Minutes Elliptical
Day 359 – Runner’s Yoga & Stretching
Day 360 – Runner’s Yoga & Stretching
Day 361 – 46 Minutes Elliptical

You would think that after 350+ days of this challenge which includes blogging that I would rarely forget to blog. Well, I forgot to blog for two days in a row!

Christmas did get the better of me. I was so caught up in all things Christmassy that did two nights in a row I went to bed without blogging. Christmas Day was the worst though. As I got ready for bed, I realized I hadn’t done any activity for the day. Could you imagine coming this far and missing Day 360!?! You should have seen the looks in mine and my husband’s face.

Aside from the above, Christmas was great! Christmas Eve was also great! Boxing Day was not very good but got better at night.

Today I finished knitting a baby sweater for two of our closest friends. Baby boy James will be five months old on December 31st. As always, I like to knit the 6-12 month size. I think it optimizes the growth and wear time.

With only four days left, I’m not sure what my activity will be tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be beautiful. Maybe I’ll go for a run outside. Maybe not.


Day 356 of 356: A Quickie

Staying at home all day is one of my most dreaded activities.  With the ice storm that blew through Ontario last night, we were “trapped” until late in the afternoon.  Yes, we are lucky that we did not lose our power.  We are very lucky.  However cabin fever is no friend and by 3:30 PM, I was going out of my mind.  By 4:30 PM, I left the house.

As I did not venture over to the gym (stayed in the neighbourhood when I did leave the house), I worked on some yoga/stretching and my physiotherapy exercises.  I’m still having a hard time isolating the correct muscles to use but I think I’ve figured out how to get better.  I had my husband place his hand on the back muscles I’m supposed to be using and I put my hand on the ones I’m not supposed to be using.  This really helped me focus on the correct muscles.  And, now I have a new exercise partner.

Aside from going stir crazy and doing my physio exercises, I also worked on a knitting project.  I’m so close to being done and yet so far away.  My husband asked if I finished the second sleeve yet and I replied, “Almost!”  He said, “Good.”  What a guy…And I love him for it.

Day 175 of 365: Next Goal Coming Up Quickly

This morning I went back to the gym after taking a week off of high intensity activity do to my cold.  Spending a week doing nothing but yoga was interesting.  Within four or five days, I really noticed a difference in my legs and even in my upper body, but just a bit.  After spending an hour in the gym this morning, I felt really good.  Darren and I did the full body routine we both love and hate.  Love the results, hate the first 10-15 minutes at 6:00 AM.  (I think most everyone understands that love/hate relationship.)

My next goal is quickly approaching and I haven’t wanted to talk about it.  My goal is to wear size 12 pants by June 30, 2013.  I’m nervous for a few reasons.  One – I have no idea what size I really am.  In Europe, size 12 is 42 (I think?) and in UK size 12 is size 16.  Two – I believe I look smaller than I was at the end of March (and my size 14 jeans are fitting differently) but I really have no absolute idea of potentially how much smaller I may be.  Yes, I’m nervous to step on the scale to find out the truth.  Three – I carry my excess weight in my chest and stomach.  A size 12 shirt with this bust is not at all realistic.  Even at my smallest, all of my button-up tops have been large or extra-large.

Short Story:  When I was a running instructor in 2003, all of my students would see me in my running gear (with sports bra) 100% of the time.  When it came around to Christmas that year, I met up with a small group to have drinks one Friday night.  When I arrived, I took my winter coat off and one of the women said to me, “My god!  I didn’t realize you were that big!”

By the end of the week, I will know if I hit this goal or not.  I will not spend the week on a crash diet (I don’t have the time or energy for that!) and I will not die if I do not hit this goal.  I know I’m much better off than I was six months ago and being healthier is much better than being a certain number.  (But I’m still nervous and hopeful to achieve this goal.)

PS – I finally finished that baby sweater.

Day 174 of 365: Yoga for Knitters

Today my mom turns 65 years old!  Yesterday she said she had decided to stay 64 forever and I asked if that was a request of my dad so that he could always have a youthful trophy wife.  As much as she LOVED the sound of that, it was really just my mom being silly.

Happy Birthday Mom!  Hope your day is filled with many, many smiles and hugs and kisses.

My day was filled mostly with knitting.  Yes, I’m still working on finishing that baby sweater.  When we were out for lunch today, I said to my husband that I will not even exercise until I finish that sweater.  (Real deadline is Tuesday at midnight.  Gift giving on Wednesday and a month of travel starting on Thursday.)  My plan did not work.  I thought I would have needed to put in 3-4 hours to finish this sweater but unfortunately not.  After six hours I’m left with sewing up the sided and sleeves along with sewing on four buttons.  I’m guessing two more hours…I hope.

At 9PM I stopped.  My back was sore, my neck was sore, my legs were tight.  After my husband gave me a back massage, I did 30 minute Yoga for Runners: Hips, Legs and Lower Back video.  This really could also be Yoga for Knitters.  It hit all the right spots and I do feel better.

It’s 10PM.  One call to Mom and then time for sleep.  Have a good week everyone!

Day 167 of 365: The Knitting

Last night, the knitting beat me.  After reading through the pattern many, many times and then reading out loud to my husband, it finally made sense.  I’m in the last stages of needing to knit a neckband along with sewing up the pieces of this cute little sweater.  I started with sewing together the shoulders of the front left and back panel.  Once the two pieces were attached, I noticed that I had done it all wrong and needed to undo my sewn stitches.  I spent about 90 minutes on all of this and then I just put it away.  The sweater is no farther ahead today than it was on Friday but I’m going to be okay with that because the baby is two weeks old and the sweater is sized for 6-12 months.  I’ve got time on my side.  (I hope I don’t regret saying that!)

This morning I ran 7.5KM in 58:06.  This was my first long slow Sunday run while in training.  It really wasn’t a good run.  I couldn’t settle into a rhythm, the distance seemed short but the pace was to make it long and I had to keep watching my watch to see when ten minutes had passed so that I could take my one minute walk break.  I didn’t enjoy this run but I did complete this run.  Next week is bound to be better for no other reason than it has to be better than today.

It’s going to be a busy week with most, if not all of my activity being done in the morning when I first get up.  Many business dinners this week.  Many visitors from The Netherlands and the US.  Many meetings and lots of stuff to do to get ready for our travels back to Canada on June 27th.  This next week and a half will be quite a test.

Day 165 of 365: It’s The Weekend!

It’s the weekend!  Even with it being a short work week for us, it’s still nice that the weekend is here.  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous.  Sunny, warm on the verge of hot and a few clouds from time to time.  Here is a breakdown of the weekend…

Friday After Work

  • Yoga – 25 minute Yoga for Runner’s video
  • Drinks & Snacks with my husband
  • An indulgent television
  • Fritatta & Salad


  • Early morning run
  • Quick shopping trip for just a few necessities (necklace, shoes, sewing needle)
  • Off to a big new market
  • Off to find out if the mid-evil fair is happening
  • Baked Fried Chicken for dinner


  • Early morning long run
  • Wish Dad a Happy Father’s Day
  • Take my man for a cheeseburger and beer
  • Meet up with two colleagues for US for a few hours of sight-seeing
  • Figure out dinner at a later time

Yep, that’s the weekend plan right now.  I think Saturday will be a little challenging to get everything done but I’ll do it.  Oh, and amongst everything else, I must finish knitting that baby sweater.

Day 146 of 365: Priorities

Unfortunately, I’ve not been paying much attention to my blog or my fellow bloggers.  Time has been tight and right now, this has a “low daily priority” status.

So what has been top priority???  Well, there are a few others…

  1. My daily sweat activity.  It’s been number one this past week and I like it that way.  And when I say number one, I mean the very first thing I do when I get up.
  2. Surviving the day.  Work is shifting gears (for the good) however curve balls are fly at me left and right.  Haven’t got any home runs yet but definitely got a few doubles.
  3. Spending quality time with my man.  Yes we work together but that’s not quality couples time.  (Next Friday we will have been together for 13 years/married 9 year next month.  It goes by so fast.)
  4. Knitting a baby sweater.  A colleague at work, he and his wife are having a baby this week and he asked that I knit something.  Okay, this was not a last minute request, I just procrastinated on starting because I have knit if four or five years and I was afraid I was going to be bad at it.  Even purchased an extra skein in case I messed up.  So far so good.  My saving grace is that I decided to knit a 6-12 month sweater therefore it does not have to be completed right away.
  5. Chores.  Yep, we all got them and we all need to stay on top of them.
  6. Finding my energy.  Been so tired these past few days that I’ve bumped #1 to #3 the past two days.
  7. Blogging – Here it is.  At the very bottom.  To the bloggers who’ve stopped by “Thanks for checking me out.”  To the bloggers who’ve left comments, “I owe you!”

Those are my priorities right now.  Thankfully it is a holiday on Thursday so I think I will spend that day getting caught up on what everyone out here in WordPress has been up to.

Oh yeah – I ran 7.7 KM is 55 minutes.  On Thursday, I’m running 10.6 KM.