Day 362 of 365: Three…

With the new year just around the corner and this challenge coming to an end, the question of what to do next year lingers in my mind daily.

Today I signed up for a 10 KM running clinic that starts January 8th. Later on the year, I want to run the half-marathon again and I want to achieve a much better finishing time. To get to that goal, I want to start the year by improving my 10 KM time.

There are a few other actions I need to take to improve my 10 KM time. These need to be written down along with everything else I need to accomplish to be successful.

Tonight I did yoga for runners along with some additional stretching.


Day 192 of 365: Break Through Day

Today I had a very different experience. My husband and I went to Lululemon today. He didn’t come in right away. He stopped at the LCBO and then went to plug the meter. I did go in without him.

Taking one step back, I need to explain what I was wearing. This morning I wore a sports bra underneath a backless dress. Both of these items are from Lululemon and I looked like I was heading out to the beach. Sexy and relaxed. I was also wearing flip flops.

Walking into Lululemon, fully dressed in Lululemon and not feeling like anything I was wearing was too tight, I started to shop around. The staffed greeted me. One even said I was wearing the perfect dress on a hot day. And for the first time ever, not a single staff member felt the immediate need to explain something, ANYTHING, to me. No explanation about how tanks are sorted from least supportive to most. No ignoring me. They just acknowledge me. It was great because what frustrates me most is that they don’t even ask if you’ve visited a Lululemon before, they just immediately assume they need to explain stuff to you.

As I walked through the store, I saw six or eight items I really liked but felt no need to buy them. I have a lot of Lulu. Probably more than the average person and as a result, my niece has more Ivviva than the average girl. I like and love Lululemon. I’ve felt this way for the last 10+ years. However, today I bought nothing and don’t feel a need to go back and get something I saw. TODAY, I FELT LIKE I HAD NOTHING TO PROVE. It’s was liberating and not at all expected. Typically I spend hundreds of dollars every three months. Today I said, “I’m good.”

As I mentioned above, the outfit I was wearing made me feel great. Yes, I was a little insecure when I first put it on but my husband assured me that I looked good. And I felt good after that bit of insecurity passed.

It really was a break through day for me.