Day 355 of 365: 10 Days Remaining

I remember when I completed my first ten days. I thought if I could make it through ten days, then I could definitely make it through this challenge. Now it’s 345 days later and there are only ten days remaining.

Earlier this week, my husband asked me how I am feeling about my 365 day challenge. Overall, I just don’t want to mess it up being so close to the end. My secondary thought is that I expected this to be much easier by now. I expected that it would be able to easily handle an hour of activity everyday. It never occurred to me that my body would be so tired and drained. Daily activity with minimal downtime is hard on your body.

Otherwise it feels pretty good to being this close to the end.

Tonight I did 30 minute yoga for runners. My hamstrings and inside thighs are tight. My lower back too.


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