Day 354 of 365: Getting Stronger

For the last four weeks or so, I’ve been going to physiotherapy for my right shoulder. I have tendinitis in my right should mostly due to strength/muscle imbalance.

My treatment starts with acupuncture then moves to soft tissue massage and then onto learning new muscle building exercises. I’m up to five different exercises.

One of the big challenges I’m trying to overcome is not using my “shrugging” muscles. They are a go to for almost everything I’m doing with my arms. For one of my exercises, my physiotherapist had me start with an anchored band and pull my arm from beside my waist extended out to over my head in a sweeping motion. I couldn’t do it using the correct muscles. Then she had me try doing it only to shoulder height and that wasn’t good either. I’m now working on doing this move with no resistance. I’m truly needing to re-learn how to use my correct muscles.

The other four exercises I’m doing really well. Today I did all five exercises (three sets of each, various reps) followed by a short run on the treadmill all before my day started.


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