Day 349 of 365: Shovelling – Part III

This has turned into a three part series — no joke! The snow finally stopped falling at some point early this morning. Since it started snowing, we’ve received around 30 cm or 12 inches.

When I woke just after 7:00 AM, I looked outside and saw two things…1) It stopped snowing and 2) The street plough went by on both sides of the street.

Growing up as a Canadian with plenty of neighbours, it wasn’t uncommon to clean off each others cars (including work colleagues) and/or shovel snow on their property. This held true for closest neighbours either physically or emotionally and especially true for elderly or unhealthy.

When I started to clean the snow around 7:45 AM, I could hear I was the first one outside. There were no sounds of scrapping shovels or snow blowers. All I heard was birds. It was peaceful and calm. By 8:00 AM, I heard the first of many snow blowers. I worked my way from the back of the house to the front. I shovelled the sidewalk and then tackle the gift left by the street plough. I also did this for neighbour on the right.

By 9:15 AM, I had finished and went inside for a hot shower. After getting dressed, I was looking out the front window and saw a favoured neighbour out shovelling. Not a big deal except for the fact that he has been very sick with a sinus infection and his wife just had surgery on her hand. Quickly I put my coat back on and headed across the street with my shovel. Before he could get his snow blower out, I had done 90% of his driveway and helped push out a women who was stuck. He came out to a complete surprise and it felt great. He told me that I was welcome to use his snow blower anytime, and not just to take care of his driveway. He even through in some lessons too.

Shortly there after, my husband and I were driving down the street on our way to Starbucks. Not even a half block from our house, another person got stuck in the snow. We pulled over and jumped out to help. By this time, almost everyone in the neighbourhood was out cleaning snow. So many people were helping each other, no requests needed. It was a pure joy to be part of this community.

My forearms are sore. My shoulders are tired. My mind is shutting down. I didn’t have the most restful sleep last night however I’m certain tonight will be a different story.


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