Day 300 of 365: Wow!

Day 295: Yoga for Runners
Day 296: 55 Minutes Recumbent Bike
Day 297: Yoga for Runners
Day 298: 30 Minutes Weights, 30 Minutes Run/Walk on Treadmill
Day 299: Yoga for Runners
Day 300: 3.8 KM Run in 25:37

I’m in Florida! South of Fort Lauderdale, north on Miami. Even though we are done travelling in Europe, we are back to travelling in North America for work. Yep, work. But really it’s okay.

When I got out of bed this morning, I through on my new running tights (purchased at the Running Room) and head out for my first road run since my half marathon last Sunday. It felt tight and just not comfortable at first. But as always, the first ten minutes went by and after that I felt good.

If was a cold but nice morning. Many people were out walking their dogs. There was leafs all over the ground. And most fun was the Halloween decoration around the neighbourhood.

We’ll be back home in time for Halloween and by the looks of it, it will be a fun night. Also on Halloween night, I’ve got a personal training session with a trainer at the YMCA. We got memberships there earlier this week and have introductory sessions. I specifically said I was someone who will challenge me, not coddle me. His name is Fabio.


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