Day 272 of 365: I’m Sore

Day 270 – Completed a 3.5 KM run in 21 minutes. Good pace. Really pushed myself to run fast.
Day 271 – Completed 18 KM long run on Saturday night. It took 2:15. Not too bad but not easy. Regretting not training more.
Day 272 – Tonight, yoga for runners. All day my knees have been sore after yesterday’s run. I also spent all afternoon on my feet cooking.

During my last 4 KM last night, I started visualizing this part of my run as my last 4 KM of my half. Kilometre marker 17…getting tired but nearing the end. Kilometre marker 18…only two more after this. Kilometre marker 19…finding some stored energy. Kilometre marker 20…this is the last one.

I knew what I was really doing but taking the time to start to visualize and mentally prepare is so important. It’s reassuring that I’ll make it to the end, still standing.


2 thoughts on “Day 272 of 365: I’m Sore

  1. denden2013 says:

    Way to go jennifer, you shall endure!! Dad xo

  2. Huge long run there! That’s amazing!

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