Day 233 of 365: Hill Repeats x4

So I guess the title of the post gave it all away.  Today I did four hill repeats.  Total distance was 6.1 KM in 48 minutes.  Citadel Park is about 2 KM away from my apartment.  Running over there is mostly on a grassy path along the river.  It’s a pretty nice mental break before hitting the repeats.

Here’s a recap of each repeat:

  1. Pass 18 month old boy with mother on way up and on way down.  Breath is steady but feeling good.
  2. Pass 18 month old boy with mother on way up.  Boy looks at me with strange face.  (I’d think the same thing too.)  Notice bride and groom starting to come down top of hill.  They are out getting pictures done in park.  Breathing is strong on the way down.
  3. Pass bride and groom who stop at half way point of hill to pose for picture outside old fortification from WWII.  Between bride, groom, photographer and assistant, they are practically taking up the entire roadway at half way point.  On run down, I run between photographers bag and brides personal gift bag to avoid running through the picture.  (Maybe I should have just run through the picture.)  Pass father and daughter pushing bicycles up hill on my way down.  Breathing is getting loud.
  4. Pass bride and groom who are still posing beside old fortifications.  They are now taking up less space.  As I crest the top of the hill, I catch up to father and daughter still pushing bicycles up the hill.  Breathing is very loud and daughter turns to see what the noise is and then leans over to dad to tell him about crazy women who is running back up the hill.  He turns to see crazy women.  On way down, bride, groom, photographer and assistant are at the bottom of the hill trying to figure out a great picture by using a parked Porsche as a prop.  (I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes.)  Breathing is getting better from pure joy for completing the repeats and I know that I will need to stop at a red light in about 50 meters.

Who knew that hill repeats could have so many distractions?


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