Day 232 of 365: Training After Injury

Last week on the day I injured my left calf, I had just emailed my running clinic instructor to set my mid training goals. Nothing special. Just a few distractions to help stay focused and redirect some anxiety from the big event. (Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon on October 20th)

I committed to ensuring I would stretch and use my foam roller after every training run. (This is going well.) I committed to not eating any fried foods for the next two weeks. (This too is going very well.) I stated that I would ensure I get in every training run no matter what. (Yeah, well we all know what injuries are like.)

When my instructor emailed me back to comment on my goals, I had since become injured and feeling heartbroken about potentially needing to give up my half. He said to ease back into training. To make sure I go the required distance for each run even if it means needing to slow to a walk.

Tonight I headed to the treadmill for a 4 KM tempo run. It should have taken 26 minutes but I stead it took 30. Not a great result but I did go the distance.

It’s really quite crappy when you need to ease off from trying to achieve something great. I’m a go getter and this injury is a challenge for me to handle. My calf is better every day but its not where I need it to be.


5 thoughts on “Day 232 of 365: Training After Injury

  1. I hope you feel better soon! It’s hard to rein things back in when you have a goal your striving for!

  2. sherri says:

    Jen, unfortunately injuries are a part of physical activity. Your pace right now is only reflective of your injury. The advice for focusing on distance instead of pace is on target.Give yourself the easy pace time to heal and your pace will increase with your strength. You’ll be ready for that half….I have no doubt!!

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