Day 209 of 365: Three Showers & A Swim in the Pool

Not sure why the summer heat has decided to make a stop in Poznan but it has. Today’s temperature was +37c or 98.6F. It was humid too with only the slightest breeze.

After barely being able to sleep for most of last night, a huge crack of thunder and lightening woke me up at 4AM. Not pleasant by any means.

Once getting out of bed at 11AM, I took my first shower. About 2 hours later I was ready for my second while out having lunch. Unfortunately, I didn’t return to our art net until a few hours after that. Instead of wanting a shower, I just wanted to sleep. The heat had taken all of my energy. I could barely keep my eyes open. However, I desperately needed to cool off so we went for a swim.

For the first ten minutes, I still wanted to sleep but sleeping in a pool is ever a good idea. We swam, leisurely, and splashed each other with pool noodles. We also did a few laps. The energy thankfully returned by the time we were done. Our bodies cooled off and then it was time for our second shower.

Spending the afternoon watching the final episodes of last season’s Degrassi, we took it easy and worked at staying hydrated in our dark and non-air conditioned apartment.

Now it’s close to 9:30 PM and I just finished my third shower. The last shower before bed to refresh and cool the body before falling asleep for the night. I’m really looking forward to the thunder storms and expected cold front tomorrow night. When the temperature is down to +21c 24-hours from now, I’m sure I’ll be freezing (I hope!).


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