Day 190 of 365: Lack of Focus, Lack of Breath

Tonight I did a 30 minute yoga video. This wasn’t what I planned to do or even wanted to do today but I kept putting off going for a run. Since June 27, I have not had any sense of routine in my life and its been tough.

As I resolved to do yoga I also resolved to focus my mind on this time. To try to think clearly and deeply about something. My mind did not agree with my resolve and instead focused on my undocumented ‘to do’ list.

• Create plan for tomorrow.
• Sign up for Running Room 20-minute challenge.
• Ask husband to move car from street to driveway.
• Review calendar of meetings for tomorrow.
• Check weather. Can’t remember how humid it’s supposed to be.
• Remember to pickup shaving cream.

My focus was not present. Instead it was trying to run errands while I was seated with my lower right leg lift flat against my chest.

This week, I need to define and establish some sense of routine before I self implode.


2 thoughts on “Day 190 of 365: Lack of Focus, Lack of Breath

  1. Sarah says:

    well you SHOULD ATTEMPT TO BREATHE but most of the other things are understandbal. sorta. And you are a very good at bloging.

    • jen0331 says:

      Thanks Sarah. You know when you are trying to focus on one thing and get distracted by so many other things??? Well, that’s when I forgot to focus on my breathing which is so important in yoga. And thank you for the complement. It’s very sweet of you to say. Love you kiddo!

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