Day 179 of 365: Low Key Day

After yesterday, I kept it pretty simple today. Slept for only 8 hours last night and had a pretty full day. About 4PM, my husband and I both started dragging, even after a late afternoon coffee.

This evening I did a 22 minute yoga video for runners. This was followed by watching a movie and now going to bed. (It’s just after 10PM.)

I’ll have to get tomorrow’s run in early in the morning. We’ll have a busy day. Good night everyone.


2 thoughts on “Day 179 of 365: Low Key Day

  1. Jaycie says:

    Welcome home! 🙂 great job on keeping up and traveling back to CA. Now it’s time for raspberries…… Lol!

    • jen0331 says:

      Thanks girl! The last four days since I’ve arrived home have just flown by. There are a jar of raspberries in the guest room at my parents house. Darren is being spoiled. 🙂

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