Day 175 of 365: Next Goal Coming Up Quickly

This morning I went back to the gym after taking a week off of high intensity activity do to my cold.  Spending a week doing nothing but yoga was interesting.  Within four or five days, I really noticed a difference in my legs and even in my upper body, but just a bit.  After spending an hour in the gym this morning, I felt really good.  Darren and I did the full body routine we both love and hate.  Love the results, hate the first 10-15 minutes at 6:00 AM.  (I think most everyone understands that love/hate relationship.)

My next goal is quickly approaching and I haven’t wanted to talk about it.  My goal is to wear size 12 pants by June 30, 2013.  I’m nervous for a few reasons.  One – I have no idea what size I really am.  In Europe, size 12 is 42 (I think?) and in UK size 12 is size 16.  Two – I believe I look smaller than I was at the end of March (and my size 14 jeans are fitting differently) but I really have no absolute idea of potentially how much smaller I may be.  Yes, I’m nervous to step on the scale to find out the truth.  Three – I carry my excess weight in my chest and stomach.  A size 12 shirt with this bust is not at all realistic.  Even at my smallest, all of my button-up tops have been large or extra-large.

Short Story:  When I was a running instructor in 2003, all of my students would see me in my running gear (with sports bra) 100% of the time.  When it came around to Christmas that year, I met up with a small group to have drinks one Friday night.  When I arrived, I took my winter coat off and one of the women said to me, “My god!  I didn’t realize you were that big!”

By the end of the week, I will know if I hit this goal or not.  I will not spend the week on a crash diet (I don’t have the time or energy for that!) and I will not die if I do not hit this goal.  I know I’m much better off than I was six months ago and being healthier is much better than being a certain number.  (But I’m still nervous and hopeful to achieve this goal.)

PS – I finally finished that baby sweater.


2 thoughts on “Day 175 of 365: Next Goal Coming Up Quickly

  1. Chris says:

    Grats on finally getting that sweater completed!

    And you can thank both sides for the top end weight distribution, lol ;)P

  2. alicat1432 says:

    I love your mindset! Good luck and keep up the amazing work!!

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