Day 174 of 365: Yoga for Knitters

Today my mom turns 65 years old!  Yesterday she said she had decided to stay 64 forever and I asked if that was a request of my dad so that he could always have a youthful trophy wife.  As much as she LOVED the sound of that, it was really just my mom being silly.

Happy Birthday Mom!  Hope your day is filled with many, many smiles and hugs and kisses.

My day was filled mostly with knitting.  Yes, I’m still working on finishing that baby sweater.  When we were out for lunch today, I said to my husband that I will not even exercise until I finish that sweater.  (Real deadline is Tuesday at midnight.  Gift giving on Wednesday and a month of travel starting on Thursday.)  My plan did not work.  I thought I would have needed to put in 3-4 hours to finish this sweater but unfortunately not.  After six hours I’m left with sewing up the sided and sleeves along with sewing on four buttons.  I’m guessing two more hours…I hope.

At 9PM I stopped.  My back was sore, my neck was sore, my legs were tight.  After my husband gave me a back massage, I did 30 minute Yoga for Runners: Hips, Legs and Lower Back video.  This really could also be Yoga for Knitters.  It hit all the right spots and I do feel better.

It’s 10PM.  One call to Mom and then time for sleep.  Have a good week everyone!


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