Day 168 of 365: OMG – I haven’t blogged yet!

Yes, that is exactly what I said when I walked through the door about 15 minutes ago.  It’s business dinner week (which is not the same a sweeps week).  Having two guests from N. America and another two from The Netherlands makes for good meals and late nights.  It’s after 10PM now and I’ve got to get up in less than eight hours for a run.  So here’s a look at today…

5:43 AM – Alarm goes off and I don’t turn it off until my feet are touching the floor.

6:00 AM – 6:55 AM – Gym time!  I haven’t done my oh so favourite routine for a couple of weeks.  Darren said I looked really strong.

(6:10 AM – Admire figure in mirror in gym.)

7:45 AM – Out the door and off to work.

6:45 PM – Leave work.

7:30 PM – Sit down for dinner.

10:00 PM – Arrive back to the apartment from dinner.

10:05 PM – OMG! I’m in shock realizing I haven’t blogged yet.

10:10 PM – Lay out running kit for tomorrow morning.

10:27 PM – Publish blog post.


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