Day 165 of 365: It’s The Weekend!

It’s the weekend!  Even with it being a short work week for us, it’s still nice that the weekend is here.  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous.  Sunny, warm on the verge of hot and a few clouds from time to time.  Here is a breakdown of the weekend…

Friday After Work

  • Yoga – 25 minute Yoga for Runner’s video
  • Drinks & Snacks with my husband
  • An indulgent television
  • Fritatta & Salad


  • Early morning run
  • Quick shopping trip for just a few necessities (necklace, shoes, sewing needle)
  • Off to a big new market
  • Off to find out if the mid-evil fair is happening
  • Baked Fried Chicken for dinner


  • Early morning long run
  • Wish Dad a Happy Father’s Day
  • Take my man for a cheeseburger and beer
  • Meet up with two colleagues for US for a few hours of sight-seeing
  • Figure out dinner at a later time

Yep, that’s the weekend plan right now.  I think Saturday will be a little challenging to get everything done but I’ll do it.  Oh, and amongst everything else, I must finish knitting that baby sweater.


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