Day 146 of 365: Priorities

Unfortunately, I’ve not been paying much attention to my blog or my fellow bloggers.  Time has been tight and right now, this has a “low daily priority” status.

So what has been top priority???  Well, there are a few others…

  1. My daily sweat activity.  It’s been number one this past week and I like it that way.  And when I say number one, I mean the very first thing I do when I get up.
  2. Surviving the day.  Work is shifting gears (for the good) however curve balls are fly at me left and right.  Haven’t got any home runs yet but definitely got a few doubles.
  3. Spending quality time with my man.  Yes we work together but that’s not quality couples time.  (Next Friday we will have been together for 13 years/married 9 year next month.  It goes by so fast.)
  4. Knitting a baby sweater.  A colleague at work, he and his wife are having a baby this week and he asked that I knit something.  Okay, this was not a last minute request, I just procrastinated on starting because I have knit if four or five years and I was afraid I was going to be bad at it.  Even purchased an extra skein in case I messed up.  So far so good.  My saving grace is that I decided to knit a 6-12 month sweater therefore it does not have to be completed right away.
  5. Chores.  Yep, we all got them and we all need to stay on top of them.
  6. Finding my energy.  Been so tired these past few days that I’ve bumped #1 to #3 the past two days.
  7. Blogging – Here it is.  At the very bottom.  To the bloggers who’ve stopped by “Thanks for checking me out.”  To the bloggers who’ve left comments, “I owe you!”

Those are my priorities right now.  Thankfully it is a holiday on Thursday so I think I will spend that day getting caught up on what everyone out here in WordPress has been up to.

Oh yeah – I ran 7.7 KM is 55 minutes.  On Thursday, I’m running 10.6 KM.


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