Day 140 of 365: Back to Leiden

Tomorrow, my husband and I are travelling back to The Netherlands for work.  Just finished packing and I find that I’m quite board with my wardrobe.  Many of my clothes I’ve had for a long time (more than 18 months) and it’s getting tough to just pick something out.  It’s time to continue to shop for some new threads.  The other challenge with this trip is that the weather is going to be cold and rainy.  It’s supposed to be around 10c every day.  We’ve been enjoying sunny, 20+c weather.  The early spring clothes have been put away and it’s hard to go back.  A moment ago I was reading a blog about how wonderful it is now that the weather is nicer.  This feels like we’re taking a step back.  Thankfully we are only there until Friday.

While in Leiden, I will be running on Tuesday and Thursday and following my strength training on Wednesday and Friday.  I may even treat myself to some extra time on the elliptical trainer too!

This morning, I was in the gym for 45 minutes following my strength training routine.  For each exercise, I was only two sets.  I was extremely hot when I woke up this morning even though I felt okay.  Not sure why I was feeling to warm but maybe it had to do with being in the sun for a few hours yesterday.  For about five minutes near the start of my routine, I just laid on the cool floor of the gym to help cool down.  I was grateful when my routine was done and I was able to step into a cool shower.

On the way home after work I said to my husband that we had nothing to do after work and that I really didn’t know how to handle this.  Well, as it turned out that wasn’t completely true.  I had two loads of laundry plus packing to get done.  Also, a colleague in our Polish office (and his wife) are expecting their first child.  Months ago he asked that I knit something for his baby.  I was flattered and agreed.  The babies due date was yesterday and only today have I started a baby sweater.  Just when I thought there was nothing, there is always something.



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