Day 136 of 365: Blogging is Tough

To get my run in this morning, I woke up at 5:50 AM.  My husband and I were supposed to run after work however a business dinner will prevent us from doing this.  We ran 6KM in 42:45.  I thought for sure we would be under 40 minutes but we were not.  I really need to increase my pace.

Blogging is tough.  Just now, I drafted an entire post and then re-read it.  I sounded so whiney.  I don’t think this will be going up EVER!  Part of my 365 day of sweat was also daily blogging.  The blogging has really helped me to be accountable to this daily challenge.  I think it’s a huge contributing factor to the success of this challenge.

At the same time, daily blogging is really tough.  Trying to be innovative and creative in what topic I blog about is a serious challenge.  Also, the time spent every day blogging is hard too.  If my posts ever seem dull or not what you’d expect, I apologize for that.  Some days I read my posts and think to myself, “This isn’t very good but I did complete my activity for another day.”


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