Day 83 of 365: One Week Remaining

Ticking ClockIt’s a big week.  In one week, I will need to need to achieve my first quarter goal of running 5 KM in less than 35 minutes.  Back on January 12th, I set my quarterly goals.  The great thing about quarterly goals is that you have plenty of time to achieve them.  The draw back to quarterly goals is that you have more than enough time to be distracted by something else.  This past month, I have not given this goal the attention that it needs.  I feel uncertain about my ability to reach this goal within the next week.

Back on February 15th, I did a 5KM run in 35 minutes.  Not the sub 35 minute time I am striving for but quite close to goal.  At that time I thought for sure I would hit my time within two weeks.  Instead I started travelling and have not been giving my running the right attention that it needs.  At least that is my feeling about it.  I haven’t stopped running, I just haven’t been following my training plan.

Today I was on the treadmill for 38 minutes.  I ran for about 30 of those 38 minutes.  I’m having a hard time staying motivated while running on the treadmill but it’s too cold, snowy, and icy outside.  This week it is supposed to warm up to above freezing and all of the snow and ice should melt by next weekend.  I really hope to go outside and run as the week goes on.  Work will be an obstacle this week and next as we will have a visitor from a sister company in the US.  We will entertain this visitor practically every day starting on Wednesday until the end of the following week.  It will be fun but not necessarily easy to work out after work.

It’s an important week.  I’ve got a major goal to accomplish and little time to get it done.  No matter how hard I am breathing, I will not be easing up on this goal.


2 thoughts on “Day 83 of 365: One Week Remaining

  1. alicat1432 says:

    Push past those obstacles and get that goal!

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