Day 42 of 365: Nothing

Tonight after work I did a 50 minute yoga video.  The title was ‘Deep Release for Hips, Hamstrings, and Lower Back.’  It was categorized under Yoga for Runners.  I’ve always been lucky to have great flexibility in my hips but this video had me stretch a muscle I don’t think that I’ve ever stretched before.  My husband heard me let out a moan which is a noise no one should ever make during yoga.  The stretch was along the outside of my shin and along the top of my foot.

For more than 30 minutes tonight, I’ve sat with my laptop on my lap and have not known what to write.  I’m uninspired.  Nothing interesting has happened today.  My savasana was not deep in thought.  I have nothing to write about tonight.  Oh!  This morning when I was getting dressed, I put on a pair of pants I haven’t worn in a couple of month and they were too big.  They bunched in the front and in the back and now they are in a donation pile.

The pop-up notice that I have only 20 minutes of battery life just appeared.  Unfortunately tonight there is nothing much to say.


2 thoughts on “Day 42 of 365: Nothing

  1. chelz70 says:

    Thanks for the yoga recommendation! See, what you said did have merit! 😛

  2. jen0331 says:

    Thanks! I know my words have merit. Last night, I just had nothing to say. 🙂

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