Day 24 of 365: Early to Rise, Late to Bed

Some commitments have greater weight than others.  For example, a business dinner with the boss and the boss’ boss will trump my after work gym time, especially when the dinner reservation is for 7PM at a fine dining restaurant (aka – long dinner service).  That’s what happened tonight.  The good thing is that I planned for it and went to the gym very early this morning.  It was 5:40 AM when my alarm went off and I was in the gym at 6:05 AM.  (That also means it has been 17 hours from workout to blog post.)  After an hour of my full body routine followed by a quick stretch, I was back upstairs and getting ready for the day.

Now it is just after 11:30 PM and I am beat.  I don’t have much more to say other than, “Good night!”


2 thoughts on “Day 24 of 365: Early to Rise, Late to Bed

  1. Sherri says:

    Good for you! Planning for those kind of days are always tough! I hope the dinner was nice!

  2. jen0331 says:

    Hi Sherri! Dinner was nice. A nice Italian restuarant. Very good food. The really challenging days will come when I need to travel both within Europe and back to Canada. I’ll have to plan those days really well.

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