Day 8 of 365

Don’t know what happened.  Stood up at my desk and quickly realized I have a knot in my back.  Grabbed my bag to leave and the pain was intense.  At some points it even hurt to breath.  Arrived home, took two over the counter painkillers and asked Darren to message my back.  That was followed by a very, very hot 15 minutes shower followed by a second back message and some Bengay.  After all of this it was bearable but still very awkward and painful.

One week in and I am committed to being successful.  Brainstormed with Darren what else I could do.   Swimming, leg exercises however the thing that made the most sense was the treadmill.  I walked.  I walked for 46 minutes for a distance of 4.1KM.  The unexpected benefit was the warming reaction of the Bengay as I started to glisten.


One thought on “Day 8 of 365

  1. Sherri says:

    Take it slow and easy. Hope the pain eases up soon!

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